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Doctrinal Statements

1. The existence of One God, who eternally exists in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

2. The Bible is God’s Word, wholly inspired by Him, and is our sole authority for faith and practice.

3. Jesus Christ is God’s only Son, born of the Virgin Mary by the Holy Spirit. We affirm His miracles, His message and His substitutionary death on Calvary’s cross. He bodily arose from the grave, sits at the right hand of God, intercedes for the Church and prepares all things for His imminent return.

4. Man is made in the image of God and yet, through Adam, has become captive to sin and death.

5. Salvation is by grace, through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ only, apart from all works of righteousness.

6. The Church is the visible Body of Christ, of which Jesus is the head. The Church is filled with the Holy Spirit and is commissioned to make disciples of all peoples and nations.

7. The resurrection of the body unto eternal existence either in heaven or hell.

8. The imminent, personal and glorious return of Jesus Christ.